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Many of the links and other resources are ones I suggest to my ongoing career coaching and strategy session clients.

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Job Search—General

  • By far the most useful way to post your profile, connect with people you know, people you want to know, and get the attention of headhunters. There is also an Answers section that allows you to show your expertise. Getting a “best answer” recognition is seen as valuable. The business tone of LinkedIn makes it one of the most adult sites in social media. Your profile using keywords is the magnet for employers.
  • is a Google-like searching, which aggregates many other job search sites into one listing.
  • is a favorite written by the Wall Street Journal. Offers large amount of information and the sources are very credible. Search everything from headhunters to salary tools and job database. Job Postings. Always read the “most popular articles” section—it’s what everyone is talking about now and maybe at your next interview.
  • is a directory of websites for resume writing, career information, job listings, and specific types of jobs and industries. Even has site where you can pay to check criminal records.
  • is an aggressive, sometimes humorous, site that directly addresses the challenges of today’s market. Sound advice “it’s about the profits, stupid.”
  • helps you find jobs by location and job category. More than one million current listings. Allows resume posting. Numerous articles on topics related to career and job search.
  • specializes in positions paying $100m+ by sector, level, position, and location. You can search, post, and read advice articles. Contacts you when positions open. Entry level free. Fee for higher levels of membership.
  •’s name is not an accident. Huge job search and career advice/tools site. Allows you to customize your search and post a profile. Wide range of jobs and almost every salary.
  • is a site created by a large group of national employers. Good search tools.
  • is an e-mail based job search and matching service. Also sells industry guides, employer profiles, and insider research, and has employee message boards. Offering counseling.
  • matches you with potential employers.
  • lets job seekers search many jobs search sites at once.
  • site depends on salary and working conditions of free subscribers. They can search by company, job title, or geography.
  • is an established career counseling firm. Publishes numerous books on topics related to job search.
  • works with your Twitter account and sends you updates on job postings, by job type and location
  • (use the free trail only) gets information from employers’ websites
  • calls itself a recruitment site. Large number of job posting includes England, Australia, and Canada (as well as the US).
  • may not be the prettiest site; however, if you want to stay local and find a huge a variety of jobs, full and part time, as well a freelance gig, this is a great place to start.
  • is a Google-like searching, which aggregates many other job search sites into one listing.
  • is similar to in that it aggregates listings from major job websites, newspapers, company websites, and associations. This site takes it further and allows you to send your resumes out for posting on five other sites for free.
  • is a consortium of US corporations looking for employees.
  • can really help you narrow your search by industry, company, and title.
  • seen as one of the most reliable by employers.
  • RobertHalf offers lists and extensive suggestions on job search.
  • The Balance Careers intensive lists of job search sites and other job search information.

Networking for Job Search

  •, yes, you should be on this very public site. Join Facebook groups in your field. Be careful what you post. Keep information job related and if you post anything personal, make it acceptable to everyone (like photos of your new baby or volunteering for a good cause). Post your own photo, but again, make it professional looking in dress and demeanor.
  •, which is often called the Facebook of business. This site is an easy way to post the details of your resume without seeming to be looking for a job. Take time to write a profile that scores at least 75%. Join groups within the site and network. Excellent place to locate former colleagues and ask advice of knowledgeable strangers. Headhunters often search the site for candidates.
  •, raise your visibility. Participate in topic discussions and position yourself as a knowledgeable professional. Recruiters use it to source candidates through keywords in their bios. I suggest job seekers place your LinkedIn link on Twitter, so people can see your full profile.
  • is one of the best ways to locate people from your past. A bit more casual but useful none the less.

Government Jobs

Special Interests, Talents and Needs



Financial Industry



Jobs in Media

Not for Profit

  • is a global listing of search tools and jobs worldwide.

Older Job Searcher

  • websites, tools, job search information.
  • focuses on job seekers over 50. Career transition and reinvention.
  • is a well-established website for job searchers over 50. Features postings.
  • has fulltime, part time, and temporary positions for older boomers, seniors, and retirees. Job listings and resume posting.

People with Disabilities

Sciences / Technology

  • is a site that targets technology professionals.
  • Computer World for best places to work in technology.
  • Bio Space for bio tech and pharmaceuticals postings.

Hispanic/Latinx/Spanish Speaking

  • Hispanic jobs specific to Hispanic, Bilingual, Spanish Speaking adults.


What Do I Want To Do?

Great Places to Work Lists

  • Forbes Lists all industries in Top 15 List. Also breaks out and ranks companies by sector. Updated annually. Best place to start for all searches.
  • Glass Door Ranks an assortment of companies. Also ranks by sector and geography. Excellent site to start for a search.
  • Computer World
  • Fast Company

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