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Jane CranstonYou want to learn more about the job search process; however, with the responsibilities at work and your obligations at home, it’s difficult to carve out time to obtain all the information you need. Seems like it’s also almost impossible to get away from the office, disappear for a few hours and the work piles up, your co-workers become suspicious. The last thing you want is your supervisor thinking you’re out there looking for a job. Or if you’re currently out of work, you have to keep time free to be available for those appointments and networking.

That’s why we have tele-classes
at Great Job in Tough Times

Our one-hour programs focus on topics of immediate relevance to people looking for a job, changing industries or sectors, or contemplating a career move.


“Jane runs the most informative and productive 90-minute (tele-) seminars you'll ever experience...loaded with useful tools and actionable recommendations that WORK!”

—Connie Avila
Marketing Executive/Entertainment & Media


Tele-class topics include:

  • Writing a Powerful Resume
  • Networking for Job Success
  • Job Interviewing: Answers and Questions for a Successful Job Search
  • Negotiating Your Compensation Package
  • On-Boarding: Ramping Up, Launching Right Your First 90 Days
  • Using the Internet for Your Job Search
  • Working with a Headhunter
  • Working in the Not-for-Profit World
  • Building a Relationship with a Search Firm
  • As well as guest speakers on a range of topics

Tele-classes run from one hour to one and a half hours, depending on the topic. They all require advanced registration because I limit the number of people who can participate on any call.

Find out more about upcoming tele-classes.


“The tele-seminar was very insightful and useful. I will tune in to the second installment, which has 'Networking' as the theme. If Jane could make an hour on 'Resumes good—then 'Networking' should be fantastic.”



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