Are you thinking?
“I understand what she is saying and
that’s exactly what I should be doing,
BUT somehow it all seems so overwhelming.

Jane CranstonNot sure where to start?

This is so unlike you. You’ve run your entire career (quite successfully, thank you) in fifth gear. Now you can’t get out of neutral. What’s wrong? Nothing’s wrong, nothing a quick jump start couldn’t solve.

Let’s face it, this interviewing, resume writing, networking thing isn’t exactly your expertise. You’ve always been the type of person who knows what he/she knows and doesn’t know, and then gets advice when needed.

At work you often interact with consultants. It’s why you have a personal lawyer and an accountant. Your game got better when you took those lessons.

So why would you try and do your job search alone?

Why would you approach this very important process without a strategy or a guide?

That’s exactly why I have created some unique coaching job search programs especially to fit your needs.

Program #1

Jumpstart Your Job Search Strategy Session

In just two hours we can draw a roadmap for you to organize and accelerate your job search.

  •  Create a resume framework.
  • Identify, access, and utilize keywords and competencies for greater results.
  • Strategize your networking so it suits your personality and gets you out there in an efficient and effective way.
  • Anticipate interview hurdles and craft dynamic answers.
  • You’ll have an action plan that will get you out there in a big way.

Great Jobs in Tough Times
Jump Start Your Job Search
Strategy Session
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Program #2

Ongoing Career Coaching

This is a custom-designed, 1x1 coaching program where we meet, privately, in-person, on the telephone, or Zoom, and work together over a period of time to develop a comprehensive job search plan and execute your job search. Many clients elect ongoing coaching after a successful Jump Start Session; some decide they want to accelerate the process and go immediately to the career coaching.

Ongoing Career Coaching is right for you if…

  • You want and need to accelerate your job search (get into fifth gear NOW). Research shows that coaching gets people to where they want to be faster and more effectively.
  • You have a tendency to procrastinate or find yourself a little stuck, are having difficulty getting started or maintaining momentum.
  • You see your situation as requiring special, individualized attention. Maybe there are special circumstances, or you are envisioning making a big change.
  • You have always done best when you make a commitment and work with a collaborator.

If some or all of these points describe, you learn more about the Ongoing Coaching Program.


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