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Attention: job searchers, career transitioners, people contemplating leaving their position or being threatened with a lay off…

Discover the fast, effective and efficient
way to Jumpstart Your Job Search with a
one time Strategy Session.

It gets you focused and moving toward
the position you want and deserve.

In 45 Minutes or Less...Guaranteed.

Jane Cranston, “The Job Search Expert”
is now offering YOU a one-on-one meeting,
on the phone or in person, so she can coach a
job search strategy out of you with you.

Jane CranstonFrom: Jane Cranston
RE: Jumpstart Your Job Search Strategy Session
Location: New York, NY

Hello, I'm Jane Cranston and I want to personally work with you to coach you to a productive and effective job search strategy.

…just as I have for hundreds of other people.

And I will also do this for you, …no matter why you are looking for work or contemplating a job or career change and no matter how hard it has been or you imagine it will be for you to market yourself and your skills and accomplishments.

I can help.

I’ll be the support, but firm mentor, who pulls the best out of you, so you experience rapid progress in your job search.

In just 45 minutes you’ll dramatically focus and gain insights as to what you have to do and what will be a waste of your time. We will create a framework for your resume, design a networking plan, and discuss interview skills. It may change your entire job hunt or career search.

Yes! I want to jumpstart my job search
and work with Jane.

Since 2000, I have coached hundreds of executives, managers, partners, entrepreneurs, and too many other job titles to list in industries such as:

  •  Finance
  • Merchandising
  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Planning
  • Sales
  • Coaching
  • Research
  • Criminal Justice
  • Authors
  • Sports Management
  • Marketing
  • The Law
  • High Tech
  • Media
  • Public Relations
  • The Arts
  • Executive Search
  • Human Resources
  • Fashion
  • Organizational Development
  • Mental Health
  • Investments
  • Entrepreneurs
  • and Many More

“If you need to jump start your career or have to, given current economic times—Jane Cranston is your ticket!

I know Jane in action, both as a best boss, (how many are there of those?), and as my executive coach, prior to these challenging times where we are now all fearful about our futures. Given my experience, I consult with Jane ongoing to enhance my present career.

Look for Jane to be super knowledgeable, best of her business, inspiring, energetic, (that transfers to you), introspective, thoughtful and fun—a real pro! Yes—I said fun! You will actually experience your job search as entertaining and engaging, and will look forward to applying the many, various and unique tools she provides

“Bottom line—Jane is fun and unique, and totally focused on your success—your personal job shrink. You will utilize job search skills that will set you apart from the pack and discover opportunities you never considered.

Be ready to dive in and do the work she suggests—do it! Big pay off—right, fun, rewarding employment and career.

Hire Jane Cranston.”

—Elaine Werner, On-Air Fundraiser
Connecticut Public Television
Political Consultant and Constituent Advocate

Even if this is the first time you have been unemployed
(a situation most of my clients find themselves in),
I can help you get started, work with (instead of
focusing on or denying) the anger, fear and frustration,
and take that energy, put your talents and skills to work and get moving on landing a job.

I’ve helped hundreds of people, just like you, create a results driven resume, network with people and in places useful to their mission, anticipate difficult interview questions and generate leads and offers.

For decades I have worked with people to develop and executive a career strategy. As a senior executive in corporate America I guided the careers of hundreds of people—helping them to appreciate natural talents, develop or enhance skills and find the perfect match when it came to assignment and location. As a coach, I have assisted people at all levels in finding the kind of work that respect who they are and what they do best in the ideal environment.

Job search can be easier and more fruitful when guided by someone who understands the process and knows how to get the best from you.

I know the landmines—perfection paralysis, believing what bosses or colleagues have told you, listening to gloom and doom news reports and I can help you dispel fiction and work with facts


Connie Avila“Jane runs the most informative and productive 90-minute (tele-) seminars you'll ever experience...loaded with useful tools and actionable recommendations that WORK!”

—Connie Avila
Marketing Executive/Entertainment & Media


“I first met with Jane with a specific business question. She not only answered it but guided me to a big picture solution that would increase my business revenue significantly.

It took two sessions to figure it all out!

As I continue to meet with her, every session is chock-a-block full of insightful experience and practical advice.

Working with Jane you have the feeling she has been there before you and is holding your hand as she professionally guides you through the maze.”

Sheila Walker Hartwell
Personal Financial Planner
Hartwell Planning LLC
Author of “Lift the Burden of Debt”


“Jane has enabled me to focus on the tough aspects of job searching and career development.

Prior to working with her, I had been unsuccessful in obtaining a position. The instant I met her, I knew she understood my situation, what I wanted to achieve and most importantly, the tools I needed to get there.

Her task orientated style was an ideal match for me. I gained confidence and poise by completing challenging weekly assignments. While working with Jane, I was offered my dream job.”

MTV Networks


Stephen Krug“Jane, that (tele-class—Powerful Networking for Job Search Success) was really fantastic! You never cease to amaze me with how driven, dynamic, and caring you are. I know I am a better person and will be capable of reaching more of my full potential by having you in my life.

The (ongoing career coaching) is extremely helpful.”

—Stephen Krug
Chief Operating Officer
Second Curve Capital



I am ready to Jumpstart My Job Search!


Is this how searching
for a great job feels to You?

Energized >>> deflated >>> directed >>> directionless>>> on top of the world >>> down in the dumps >>> “I’m getting a job tomorrow.” >>>
“What if tomorrow doesn’t come?” >>> “I’ll ace that interview!” >>> “What is she asking?” >>>
“My resume is great.” >>> “My resume is junk.” >>>
“I know everyone there is to know.” >>> “Everyone
I know is looking too.” >>>
and so on, and so on through the night
and into the days ‘til you think you are going nuts!

The stakes are HUGE.

Times are tough and you are a person with responsibilities, financial and personal. You always thought you had an edge over the competition but now you are not sure.
Now your colleagues, maybe even some of your friends, are vying for the same few positions.

How do you get the competitive edge?

How do you not make the mistakes outlined in the special report? For some people it starts with the Jumpstart Your Job Search Strategy Session but for others it’s a bigger commitment to coaching. They work with me, one-on-one as their executive career coach.

Learn more about
Ongoing Career Coaching!

Roz Tani“Jane doesn't tell me what to do...she guides me to what's possible. And, she thinks 'big!' No one has ever been able to reach me the way Jane does.”

“Jane Cranston is a 'Master' at her craft. She's magical and real. She is an amazing, talented, compassionate human being.

Jane's knowledge, skill, kindness, and manner makes the most significant impact ever about how I feel about me and my capabilities to define, plan, and execute…both professionally and as a woman.

Jane listens, really listens, to what I say and hears what I want, even when I don't. Her questions often stop me cold, supporting me to define what I want and acknowledge what is true about my commitment. Although goals, plans, etc., have been part of my vocabulary; I realized that I can't achieve 'it' if I don't define it, with an appropriate plan and rules of engagement. The universe is not going to just deliver results to my front door!

No one has ever been able to reach me the way Jane does. When we discuss goals, deadlines, action plans, etc., Jane always supports me to win. If I create a goal that's too comfortable and reasonable, Jane's conversation directs me to how to expand and manifest what I really want.

When she asks me what my plans are financially and I give her a $ figure, Jane's response is, 'What do you need to do to make XXX dollars?' I am encouraged to stop and reevaluate opportunity...not just do what I'm used to.

And Jane talks about and shares real, concrete, down to earth ideas. Working with her is not just about attitude, scheduling, and defining. Working with Jane is about stretching and reaching, developing and using skills to achieve what I want, and having a life that supports me.

The universe has given the world a gift by having Jane be who she is and do what she does.

And the universe listens...and Jane has assisted me to learn the language to communicate effectively, so that the universe hears me!

Jane is the best gift I've ever given myself and I will be forever be grateful to her and for her.”

—Roz Tani, Antiques and Estate Liquidation Specialist


Is the thought of
creating a job search strategy painful?

It’s not your fault …where in your education
or job experience did anyone teach you
how to look for a new job or career?

If you are like most people—NEVER!

This is all new and not much fun. You know you’re smart. So why is this so hard? I’ll tell you why, because most of your career has been spent working for someone and selling the ideas, products and services they produce.

Now you have to market YOU. You hate to admit it, but that doesn’t feel right. Can’t someone else, like a headhunter, sell you? Hate to tell you this, but not really.

In ongoing coaching we brand you, create a strategy to sell a terrific, innovative, smart adult who just happens to have your name and look exactly like you. If what I am saying sounds like what you need...

Learn more about
Ongoing Career Coaching!


** SPECIAL Value **

For a limited time a
“Jumpstart Your Job Search
Strategy Session”
is being offered at a very special price.

Not my corporate session rate of $350,
or my individual client rate of $250.
But a very special and low rate.

To learn more,
go to my Strategy Session page NOW>>>


Still not sure if this is the time or move for you. Not sure if you are a right fit or will get enough out of working with me as your executive career coach? Check out what many of my clients have to say.>>>> Read about my background.>>> Then compare. I think you will make the decision—fast and easily.

Wish you great success in everything you do!

Jane Cranston
Jane Cranston
“The Job Search Expert”


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