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Last week I shared with you Sumner Redstone’s belief that his ability to listen is the key to his success. Throughout the week I continued to think about the topic of leadership and found myself going back to an author I have admired for years. John Maxwell is considered an expert in the area of leadership. He speaks on the topic and has written a number of books on the subject. His 1999 best seller “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader – becoming the person others will follow” is already a classic. This is a book I recommend my coaching managers and leaders read and share with their staff.

I love the title and focus of Chapter 11 “Listening: To Connect with Their Hearts Use Your Ears.” He quotes management guru Peter Drucker as saying “60% of all management problems are a result of faulty communication”. I would add that most communication falters because someone isn’t listening.

Maxwell sings high praise for Oprah Winfrey. He credits her success with an ability to listen and to make others feel heard. I often cite Oprah as an excellent interviewer because she allows her guests to speak. Even better, she listens to her staff and audience. She hears their suggestions and values their ideas. The concept for her highly successful Oprah Book Club reportedly came from her staff and was brought to fruition despite the host’s reservations. Her audiences often tell her who and what they want shows to be. Anyone who questions her talent only has to watch her audiences and observe the communications she receives from her viewers. Oprah did not make her fortune by accident or luck she listened her way to the top.

Many of my coaching clients feel the need to be the answer to all of their employees’ questions. In our coaching sessions we work on asking the best questions and listening to the complete answer rather than spending time thinking about a response or solution. It takes practice but can be learned and prove to be very rewarding.

So here is this week’s challenge:

  1. Identify those people who give you the best advise, feedback or ideas. Invite more communication from these trusted advisors. Ask them for their take on a situation or for possible solutions to the problem. Many of my coaching clients place me on their list of trusted confidants.
  2. Observe how you become attracted to and respect those who listen to you. Try to mirror their techniques in your communication. Look for results.
  3. Tune-in Oprah. OK, Tivo Oprah. Now observe her interaction with a guest with the SOUND OFF. Watch the non-verbal interaction. Note who move their lips more.

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