Heard about the Herd?

I mentioned in last week’s Competitive Edge Report that I had attended a four-day Information Marketing Summit in Atlanta. Initially I thought the takeaways might only be for my entrepreneurial clients but after further examination it has become clear to me that the ideas are just as applicable in a corporate setting as they are for a sole practitioner.

Guru Dan Kennedy always has his inspiration banners hanging from the backdrop of the stage. One says “Dan is right BUT…” Another preaches “Rich people have big libraries, poor people have big TVs”. But, the one I like the best is “Go out and get yourself a herd”.

So what about a herd? A group that follows the leader, does what they are told, stays together from birth until death and defends the leader, and the team, almost without question. OK, maybe that is a bit extreme but if you have ever watched Oprah’s viewers, attended a Springsteen concert or gone to a Star Trek convention you know the value of a following. The question is “how do you get them?” I am currently working on about thirteen ways to capture mine, everything from this e-zine, to my web site and speaking engagements to a blog, cards and articles.

When attracting a herd a clear and consistent message is essential. So is a belief in your mission. Vulnerability with the group and an ability to instill in them the sense that they are better with you than alone is critical. Pretty powerful stuff and a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. There were people at the Summit who have attended ever conference, read every book and bought every program Dan has ever given. Why? Because they believe he delivers for them. Is it true? not the question. Do they believe it’s true, absolutely. I must admit that many of the attendees have made significant dollars so they were not blind followers but loyal customers.

Who is your herd? Where do they hang out? What do they read, watch and talk about? What keeps them up at night and gets them up in the morning (especially without an alarm)? What do your customers value? If health is important to them why talk money? If they want more time don’t ask for additional but show them how to find it. If they want to be heard, listen. And many times, Dan would say, they want to be told what to do.

I have been sharing many of the ideas and tips from the Summit with my coaching clients. If you are interested in learning more click on the Contact Us button to schedule a get-acquainted appointment. Or call me at 212-628-5280.

So, here is your challenge for the week:

  1. Identify your herd. Be specific, lots of details.
  2. How are you reaching and communicating with them? How often?
  3. Why do they follow you and how can you use this information to make them repeat purchasers, better referrers and your best salespeople? 

Jane Cranston is an executive coach, career coach and “The Job Search Expert” based in New York City. She shares with success driven executives and professionals techniques, skills and goal setting strategies that advance their careers, increase people management skills and assists them in career change or job search. Receive Jane’s free "Competitive Edge Report" and the free audio download “Creating a Career Strategy” by visiting www.ExecutiveCoachNY.com

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Jane Cranston - Executive Coach NY (New York)Executive and career coach, “The Job Search Expert,” Jane Cranston understands the challenges and opportunities in the workplace. She integrates years of experience as an accomplished senior executive with global brand name companies, with the lessons learned from opening three successful businesses, and then applies her education and coach training. This sophisticated mix affords her clients her unique perspective, business sensibility, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Jane is the founder and Managing Director of ExecutiveCoachNY, an executive and career coaching business based in New York City with clients nationwide. She coaches success-driven executives and managers to develop a career strategy that accelerates advancement, increases compensation, enhances people-management skills as well as gets the competitive edge in all business activities.

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Jane’s soon to be published “Great Job Tough Times” is a step-by-step job search system designed to assist managers and executives looking for employment, or contemplating leaving their current positions, with their resume writing, interviewing skills, networking techniques, and negotiating need to get the right job fast.

Jane Cranston is frequently seen on CNN’s “Your Money” and quoted in nationally syndicated newspapers, magazines, as well as Internet article sites and virtual programs. She authors the free, twice monthly, “Competitive Edge Report.” Learn more on her website www.ExecutieCoachNY.com.


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