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Jane CranstonIf you are a person starting a job search, in career transition or contemplating a career change, you know how challenging the process can be. There is so much advice out there. Too many things to do—write the resume, networking, social networking, honing your interview skills so you know the answers and the questions. This is not what you were trained to do. You’re confused, a bit stressed out, and feeling the pressures of your financial responsibilities. If another person asks you “found a job yet?” you’ll scream.

Hi! I’m Jane Cranston and I’ve have been coaching executives, managers, professionals, and supervisors to develop a career strategy and advance their careers for more than a decade. Recently the winds in the workplace started blowing from a different direction—first a breeze, then gusts, and now high winds, sometimes with hurricane force. What changed? A pandemic, the marketplace, the economy, the political picture, and the workplace, everything has been affected. So have the needs of my clients. More and more people are contacting me because they have either lost their job, are fearful their position is at risk, or they have had enough of watching the layoffs and cost cutting going on around them. Even the executive coaching clients whom I had worked with for quite some time are worrying about job security and career change.

Maybe, like many of my coaching clients, you have never needed to search for a job. There had always been a natural progression to you career. You rose through the ranks of companies, sometimes moved with a boss or team, and were regularly called by headhunters. In other words, you spent all of your time doing your job, not worrying about it or looking for another. Ah! 2019! Well, that has all changed, hasn’t it? That is why I decided to address the need, head on, with my job search system Great Job in Tough Times.

I love working with success-driven people, have done so my entire career. Whether it was as the first Director of Stores for the newly formed retail division of Liz Claiborne, working as a Regional Director for Banana Republic, successfully opening and selling at a profit a specialty food store, as a senior player in the world of not-for-profit, or my executive and career coaching businesses; I have always hired, managed, and surrounded myself with smart, motivated, career-focused individuals and teams.

As you can see, I have had a few careers over the years; ahead of the multi-career trend. I view my moves as a natural progression. Starting with being educated (I have three degrees) and trained in an established corporate environment. I then transitioned to a start-up with a large, growing, consumer brands company. Later I pursued three entrepreneurial endeavors where I applied the education, training, and experience from the best and the brightest in big business, and transferred what I admired and knew worked to a workplace I wanted and in which I thrived. It all came together with coaching. It’s been a fun and interesting ride, and not a journey I feel I have even come close to finishing.

Early on in my career I came to the conclusion (and was strongly encouraged by my mentor) that working with other executives, managers, staff and customers is my forte. Because I was the self-proclaimed “SVP of People” my mission was always to identify, hire, train, and develop the backbone of any organization—its employees. I have interviewed literally thousands of people at all levels. Read more resumes than anyone should have to in a lifetime. (When I worked in the world of not-for-profit, the Executive Director passed many a resume by me because “Jane can spot inconsistencies in a resume faster than anyone I know.”) I honed my screening and interviewing skills to the point of great effectiveness and efficiency. A former boss of mine wrote on one of my performance evaluations, “When it comes to hiring people, Jane walks on water, OK needs a few rocks, but the best in the people selection world.” An HR colleague once said to me, “I have never met anyone who could hire so many great people in such a short time as you, “It’s your genius.” In the hiring arena I’ve done it all, with great satisfaction. I can help you get hired.

That’s not to say it was all smooth sailing for me. I have witnessed and experienced, personally, rightsizing, downsizing, layoffs, hiring freezes, salary freezes, office political shifts, new regimes, as well as market downturns, stock market crashes and of course 9/11, and this pandemic. Each event cut, but I am pleased to say did not scare. What the experiences have done is given me a broad perspective on the workplace and the skills and tools to make the most of every challenge.

Recently, when the job market winds began to shift, I was able to tilt my sails and focus on what my executive and career-coaching clients needed most—a job search strategy with a job search expert. I took my vast experience and created a system, Great Job in Tough Times, and developed a multi-faceted, multi-media selection of programs and tools that are effective, efficient, and affordable. One that gives you all the support you need without losing control or your wallet.

My business experience had prepared me for “asap” the “now”. I believe, even in these challenging economic and health crisis times, there is a good match for everyone, personally and professionally. I am optimistic by nature and realistic in action. I appreciate the challenge job searchers have getting noticed by the right people at the best places. I have helped many people overcome these obstacles.

I understand what HR professionals, hiring managers, search firms, job listing sites, and top executives look for and how the process works because I’ve been on both sides of the desk, many times. Technology has somewhat changed how people look and apply for a position. Employee/employer relationships have shifted with each generation, but humans are still human being. The average job seeker has no clue about the search process. They’d better get some advice, quickly, because their competition has a fully loaded job search toolbox ready to go.

I love what I do and fully enjoy the abundance of the life I lead at work, and in my personal life. A country house on the ocean, global travel, and taking full advantages of the cultural abundance of NYC are a few of my passions. Working hard and playing just as hard has always been my way. I think I bring that perspective and ethic to everything I do. I enjoy my clients and we have fun while we make serious inroads and address their immediate needs to write a resume, hone their interview skills, get out there and ramp up their job search networking in a variety of ways.

My wish for you is to feel and experience the satisfaction and success of landing the position you want and deserve.

If you are ready to take the plunge and dive into the deep end of the job search pool, then I suggest you act NOW! And make me a part of your team.

Jane, I want a Great Job in Tough Times.
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